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A warm, safe, nurturing environment designed for the development of the whole child–intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

Located in The Little Theater building, next to the Woodstock Recreation Center, Rainbow Playschool overlooks the Ottauquechee River and is within walking distance to several child-friendly destinations, including Faulkner Park, Woodstock’s Historic Village and Vail Field.

Our Mission is to provide a warm, safe, nurturing environment guiding the development of the whole child – intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Children learn through play and are respected and valued as unique personalities.

Rainbow Playschool is fortunate to have a devoted and experienced staff on hand to implement best teaching practices and create curricula that promotes age appropriate, child-centered, and teacher supported play as an essential component of the program.

We strive to keep groups small, to ensure that appropriate attention is given to the needs of each child, allowing him or her to develop naturally while having fun in a safe environment.

Approaches to Learning: We encourage emergent learning through hands on activities and experimentation. Teachers play, model, and engage with children by scaffolding their interests, learning styles and abilities, developing the environment around early learning standards and active learning.

Social and Emotional Development: Children develop a sense of self- worth and value through exploring ideas and questions; seeing their work as important; realizing that all people matter. Teachers support problem solving and conflict resolution. Mutual respect is modeled and supported. Large and small group activities are used to practice cooperation and sharing. Our tools include: books, games, toys, puppets, dramatic play and an intentionally designed environment.

Language, Literacy, and Communication is encouraged through dramatic play, conversation, questioning, verbalizing wants and needs, listening, following directions, music, rhyming and reading nd writing.

Mathematics: Pre math skills such as counting, number recognition, shapes, measuring, patterning and sequencing are encouraged using cooking, games, blocks, sequence cards and manipulative materials.

Science Is learned through cooking, experiments, nature observation, seasonal observation, weather, and environment. We hypothesize, develop theories, and problem solve using books, natural materials, publications, observation equipment, and tools of measure

Social Studies involve learning about us, our families, and our heritage. We go on village walks interacting with our community. We study world culture and customs using books, publications, pictures, costumes, and food. Themes and studies are incorporated into dramatic play, music, dance, cooking and arts and crafts learning about us, our families, and our heritage. We go on village walks interacting with our community.

Creative Expression is experienced and enhanced through music, movement and dance, art media, crafts, display of art work, theatrics experiences and activities.

Physical Health & Development is promoted through healthy life style practice such as: hand washing, personal hygiene, serving and learning about healthy food choices, rest and relaxation techniques, exercise through yoga and movement, outdoor play promoting large motor development and includes area to run, climb, dig, jump, and balance using balls, hoops, wheels, bikes, scooters, beams. Cutting, writing, drawing, gluing, tearing, folding, sorting, and dress-up support fine motor skills.